Friday Favorites: Olympic Edition


Tonight is the opening ceremony for the summer Olympics in Rio. What better way to celebrate and cheer on Team USA than with a bottle of Pinot Grigio and some of our favorite sports.

First up, Swimming


I think most people agree that swimming is one of the highlights of the summer Olympics. Team USA is stacked and if you played a drinking game for every medal won by Team USA that would turn into a pretty fun game!

along with swimming there is Diving

aka our greatest fear, do you see how high those crazies go? And how does the guys speedo’s stay on when they enter the water? It makes NO SENSE. Kudos to anyone thinking that is their idea of a good time!



then there is gymnastics

does it count as a workout to watch those girls bend in ways that don’t seem humanly possible? Or the fact that we feel like such slackers that we are practically double most of their ages and we are just sitting on the couch with our wine and they are competing at the Olympics?


No matter your favorite sports to watch, everyone should raise a glass and cheer on Team USA!!!!

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