How did you know about that?!

One of the reasons we started myBAB is that we were often asked How did you know about that event? Do you know of anything going on that I can have my kids burn off some energy? Is there anywhere I can take my kids so I can have two hours to myself? When did that new restaurant open?

All questions we’ve asked each other and decided to start this guide for kids activities, family fun, and date nights. We don’t really have any secrets or superhero powers, but we do like to keep up on what is going on in the community, in the greater Chicagoland area and Nationally.

So where do we get our info?

Local Community: the area park districts catalogs and websites are a main source for events or activities. We’re pretty lucky to live in a great community that has park districts that offer events throughout the year.

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter Pages: we’re digitally connected and since starting this website, we spend a little more time checking these apps. We follow local, greater Chicagoland, and National business pages to stay up on what is going on. {Pro-tip: give these pages a like every so often to keep seeing them in your newsfeeds}

Many of our favorite restaurants have social media pages which keep us in the loop on when they have a new menu item or event we might want to check out. As parents, we follow businesses that are for kids to keep them active and to have built in play dates. It’s a bonus if we can do a drop off and run!

A few of the places we follow ~ photos credit: Instagram

Email Newsletters: a few we subscribe to are McHenry County Living, 365Barrington, and theSkimm. These newsletters keep us informed on festivals, new restaurants, movie releases, all things Olympics, and important events like national wine day {it was in May, but good news, national red wine day is August 28 ~ cheers!}.










Photos from our subscription to Skimm Ahead

Newspapers: while we do not get any of these delivered to our doorstep, we do check in on them via social media or their websites. They’re a good resource for local events like the list of the area firework displays.

Since there are so many outlets to get the information, we started myBAB to be the premier site to get it all. Between the two of us, we think we do a pretty good job of finding what is happening and are excited to share them with you.


Cheers- (1)


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