Friday Favorites: Summer Recap

With school back in full swing and leggings, scarves and bootie weather right around the corner (woohoo) we thought we would take a minute to recap some of our favorite moments from summer. How does it always happen that summer goes by so fast…..

Jen’s Recap

~ Summer vacation. This is pretty self explanatory, time away from work, time with the family and great weather, its a win win. In June we headed back to one of our favorite places, Sea Pines Resort on Hilton Head Island South Carolina. Read more about the resort here.

~Getting in all the traditional 4th of July activities. We saw fireworks, went to a parade, went to the beach, BBQ’d, went to a festival, you name it, we did it.

~Enjoyed the weather. The kids love being able to ride their bikes after school or walk to the park. We have eaten outside a lot, whether at home or at our favorite restaurants. Check out our favorite outdoor eats here.


Wen’s Recap

This was definitely a summer of firsts for our little!

~ Flower Girl Duties. It doesn’t get much cuter than a flower girl debut. We have known the groom’s family for over ten years and were honored to have our daughter in Tommy and Jenna’s wedding. She loved every minute of it! The wedding was at All Seasons Orchard, more on the venue coming soon.


~ Hit the water. With the weather being hot, we needed to cool off with some water play most of the summer. We spent time on the river, lake, and pools.This was the first summer I could sit poolside and just relax (and yes sometimes have a nice cold drink).

~ Other firsts. Library card, Bowling, No-Chip Manicure, Summer Enrichment Camp, Wrigley Field, Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co, and Build-A-Bear to name a few. I love that she’s getting older and we’re able to introduce some of the great places we have around us.



One other favorite thing for the summer ~ we started this website. Thank you for joining us on our new adventure. We love sharing the area’s activities, events, new restaurants and more!

Cheers- (1)

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