MyBAB takes on dinner time

Ok, we get it, between working all day and having the kids turn from sweet to angry the second they get hungry and then throw in any after school activities it should be considered an Olympic event to get dinner on the table that is more than cereal (no shame, it happens in our houses at least once a week!). We are by no means experts on this subject but here are some recipes that we have tried that work well.

Jen’s Picks

Chicken Pot Pie Cupcakes

Any recipe that has the word Cupcake in the title immediately has my attention. This meal is very little prep and it sort of tricks my kids into eating veggies (well except Brooke, that girl is stubborn when it comes to eating veggies!!). Best part, it is only 20 minutes 🙂

Crockpot Lasagna

The Crockpot could be one of the best inventions ever. I had ZERO appreciation for it until I had kids. Oh man, such a time saver!! It should be the official sponsor of working moms. This recipe is great and you can modify it as much as you like.Sometimes instead of browning meat, we just take meatballs and stick them in between the layers.

Tip: They sell special lasagna noodles that you can use in the Crockpot so you aren’t cooking the noodles first.

Tip: They also sell Crockpot liners….um hello easy cleanup!

Tater Tot Casserole

Ok this one really isn’t a meal, more of a side but it is so good it could be a meal (albeit, a non nutritious meal!). I made this on a whim after a day of Pinterest searching and everyone raved about it. The best part, it is beyond easy.

Wen’s Picks

Rolled Up Chicken Parm

A different twist on the classic chicken parmesan in the form of a meatball. The prep is easy and cooks up in about 20 minutes. I’ve served these as the main dish with a veggie side or as sliders on mini rolls. Either way, they’re a hit in our house.

One Pan Caprese Pasta

Anything that can be made in 30 minutes and in one pan is a win in my house! We love this meal for our Meatless Monday’s but have added chicken for the nights we need something a bit heartier. It’s light and filling, and with fresh herbs, mozzarella and tomatoes, its full of flavor.

Parmesan Chicken Bites

Chicken nuggets are a staple food for kids and this is a simple recipe to make them yourself. They do take me a little longer than 15 minutes to prep, but still a good weeknight meal when you’re short on time. These little bites with the parmesan add make them tasty for adults too. You can also bake them to make them a little healthier. My little loves to dip these in ketchup or ranch.

Do you have any meals that are a hit in your house? Any tips to share? We’d love to hear them!

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