myBAB takes on Kids Resales



I remember back to when Blake was first born and I went to Buy Buy Baby and Target for everything and got all of these really cute outfits and thought I had it all figured out, ha! Kids are rough with clothes and grow so fast that I quickly learned that it costs a fortune to buy a whole new wardrobe every season every year. When some friends offered some clothes for Blake I gladly accepted and it was like Christmas getting all these free clothes. In addition to the clothes, it was also the toys, kids get into different things and develop different interests and toys/games/bikes are just as hard to keep up with. By the time I was pregnant with Brooke I was on the hunt for getting hand me downs from other Mom’s and trying to save some money in the process. Don’t get me wrong I still buy them a lot of new stuff but when I can, I try and get hand me down’s or shop resale/consignment. Last weekend I went to my first resale “pop up” in Crystal Lake so I thought I would share my experience and some tips I learned from my first rodeo.

  1. Get there early! My sister in law and I showed up at 8am (when it opened) and we were #163 in line. Mom’s take this resale seriously and are looking to score great items so they get there early. However, if you are willing to risk it, the last hour of the sale is usually half off so if you want to wait you can score some potentially even better deals!
  2. Bring your own tote bags, laundry baskets, whatever you want to use to carry your items. They don’t have bags or carts so unless you have Hulk muscles (which you might from carrying kids!) bring a bag with you.
  3. These sales are seasonal. Meaning you typically won’t find shorts and t-shirts during the fall/winter sales.
  4. I do not recommend bringing your kids with. If you do, they are required to stay right next to you. There are a lot of people and it is a VERY organized system and it can be really hard to sort through all the stuff while chasing after kids and then wanting to buy every toy they see.
  5. Resales are great places to find holiday/costume stuff that the kids won’t wear often as well as winter apparel (I got Brooke snowpants for $8!!!!).
  6. Just because it seems like a great price, don’t get it unless you really need it. I found a lot of Mom’s just throwing stuff in their bag because it was a $1 or $2 but in the end if the kids aren’t going to love it or wear it, it isn’t worth the cost.
  7. Volunteer to work the sale and get early access to the sale.

In the local area Too Cute Consignment in Crystal Lake is a favorite of ours. They do a great job of sorting through the stuff and only selling great condition items. There are also many Facebook groups or apps like Minted Kids or Kidizen that allow you to buy or sell super easy.

Local Pop Up Resales that are coming up:

Multiple Choice Children’s Fall/Winter Resale; Lake Zurich, Saturday September 17th.

Growing Cents of Style; Lake Barrington Saturday October 8th-Sunday October 9th

Happy Shopping!!

Cheers- (1)

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