my BAB takes on skincare

Our lives are hectic, and we rarely have time for ourselves and sometimes when we look in the mirror it can show. I thought I would give everyone some tips and info I have learned along the way on how to make your skin look its best.

None of these tips are ground breaking, earth shattering new information (well except for maybe one!), but serve as great reminders for us on how to make our skin picture perfect.

Drink LOTS of water. There is so much to be said about the power to hydrate from the inside out. It really can transform your skin. The goal should be to drink in ounces half of your weight everyday. Example, if you weigh 120 pounds you should drink 60 ounces of water each day. Plus, having a healthy diet can also work wonders on the skin. As much as we wish donuts, cookies and wine would make for great skin, the reality is we need to put the good stuff in to see good results.


Lifestyle Habits. It is bad to smoke, not get enough sleep, have stress, etc. Exercise is a great way to help fight off the stress or sleep.

Exfoliate. but, don’t over exfoliate. Once or twice a week is all you need for great skin. If you over exfoliate you can dry out your skin. When you do exfoliate use gentle circular motions to not hurt your skin. And here is a CRAZY tip that I swear works and don’t freak out when I tell you…. dry face shaving. Yes, I said it…. getting rid of that peach fuzz will not only give you super smooth skin, allow your makeup to say on better but it will gently exfoliate the skin. Trust me this works….. and no your hair doesn’t grow back thick and dark. Don’t believe me, check out this video! I buy these razors on Amazon and they are what the video recommends as well.


Toner. I never really even considered using a toner up until a few years ago, and to be frank, I didn’t even know what it was supposed to do for my skin. Toners help to restore the pH balance in your skin after you cleanse. It hydrates your skin, which is essential to maintaining elasticity. It removes the oily residue and dead skin cells on the surface of your skin thus reducing breakouts. It tightens and shrinks the pores and the list goes on… another tip: NEVER use a cotton ball with a toner, it absorbs all the toner and you waste so much. Instead, use a cotton pad, this allows a better application and you use less product.

SPF. When I was young and naive I would only wear SPF 15 on my face (if at all) because I wanted that bronze sun kissed skin…(insert dumb here!!). My best defense against skin cancer and wrinkles is my new BFF SPF. Now I use at least SPF 30 (most times SPF 50) year round every single day. If I want the sun kissed look, I let my bronzer help me out.

Wash off your makeup before bed. Ladies, please, please, please don’t go to sleep with makeup on. They make lots of great and easy products to get your makeup off. I personally love using the cloths because they are so easy and simple.


  • Having a skincare routine that works for your skin type. This might have been the biggest “ah-ha” moment for me when it comes to understanding my skin. About six months ago I was just feeling my skin wasn’t looking its best and wanted to try and get serious about how I resolved that. I was in my early 30’s and wanted to “act like a grownup” about my skin and try and take preventive measures to combat signs of aging before they started to happen! I looked into MANY products (hi, my name is Jen and I am a product JUNKIE) and decided to give Rodan + Fields a try. I noticed results almost immediately, even despite the warnings that it takes your skin about 30 days to turn over new skin cells. I loved my results so much that I made my husband start using the products and I started selling the products. The key is to find the right combination of products in the right order for your skin to get great results. Here is what a typical routine looks like:
    • Morning
      • Wash, Tone, Moisturize (with SPF)
    • Evening
      • Wash, Tone, Serum, Eye Cream, Moisturize
    • Once or twice a week: Exfoliate

We all have different skin concerns, whether it is acne, sun damage, redness/sensitivity and anti aging these tips should help all of us start to feel better about our skin.


If anyone has questions or wants to try Rodan + Fields, I would love to help! Feel free to email me at or visit my site:

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