myBAB goes to Richardson Farm

Last Friday, we had friends in town from Michigan and we wanted to do something fun with the kids so we packed up the car and headed to Spring Grove to Richardson Farm.


Our strategy was to go early to avoid the crowd, and in doing that, we discovered a big secret. NO ONE IS THERE during the week. We literally had the entire farm to ourselves. It was AWESOME. No lines and the kids got to do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. Now I realize the reason there was not a crowd was because most kids are in school and most parents are working, but if you have the option to go during the week. Do it. Well worth it.

The admission was $16 per adult and $13 per kid (3 and younger were free). Included in that admission was: Corn Maze (Star Trek themed this year and largest corn maze in the US), observation tower over the corn maze, large slides, kids area, petting zoo, carousel, train rides, wagon rides, corn shooters, pig races and much more.

We had two almost 5 year olds and a 2.5 year old so we opted out of the corn maze and instead the kids sprinted towards the observation tower. They thought it was really fun to see over the maze. The almost 5 year olds were easily able to climb the tower themselves.

Then we headed over to the slide area. The kids loved it (until my son got hurt sliding down, then he was over it).


We then hit up the carousel and train rides followed by the kid area and petting zoo. Lots of fun to see!

At this point the kids were getting hungry so we headed over to their concession stand. Unfortunately, the workers weren’t around so we weren’t able to get food. I would say that this is my biggest critique of going there. There was no one around for us to order food. I am guessing it is because there was no one there so it wasn’t fully staffed. You could bring your own snacks etc. I would also recommend a stroller for little ones as the activities are spaced apart fairly decent and it might be a lot to walk. We ended the trip with a wagon ride and the seats were old school bus seats so it was comfy…heck Brooke even fell asleep on it!!

Overall, I thought it was a fun trip with plenty to do. It was a little pricey but you get a lot for your money. I do wish there were better on site food options but other than that, it was a great time.

I should point out, they do have some additional items for an added fee that we didn’t do.

  • Rent a space to have a bonfire and hang out and go through the maze etc
  • Zip Lines
  • Orbiting

For more information, check out their website: Richardson Farm

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