Stitch Fix Review

I don’t know about anyone else but I often feel like I get into a style rut. I will look in my closet full of clothes and say “I have nothing to wear!”. Or, I tend to always go to the same style and never branch out. I wish I could say I was more fashion forward (that award goes to my brother, he is stylish one) but I am not. With two kids I tend to want stuff that is comfy, easily washable and can hide when I eat a cheeseburger. I was constantly seeing advertisements for Stitch Fix so I finally decided to give it a try, I figured I didn’t have much to loose!

How it works, it costs $20 a month for a styling fee (this also covers the cost of shipping the clothes to you and if you need to make returns). If you decide to purchase any items in your box the $20 is applied to the price. If you buy all items in your box you get a discount (25%) on the entire purchase.

Stitch Fix asks you to complete a decent length profile for their stylist get to know you and your preferences. You set limits on budget and what you like and don’t like. A tip that I heard that I find to be very true is to make sure you have a Pinterest account with a board for your style. This is the best way for a stylist to get to “know” you. You can also set up how often you would like a box and request specific items. For example, in one box I asked for tops that I could wear with leggings.

I found that the first box I received was OK. I liked a few items and others I wasn’t crazy about. I gave very specific feedback on the items and added more items to my Pinterest board. I also got more specific with what I was wanting and my next box ended up being so great I ordered the entire box!!

One of my favorite parts of the process is that when your box comes it comes with a note from your stylist about the pieces as well as pictures of ideas of how you can wear the item in outfits in various ways. Totally helpful!

The biggest drawback I have found is that you only have 72 hours from the time you receive your box to decide if you want to purchase the items or return them, if you don’t decide you will get charged for the items. You need to make sure you are really on the ball once you get a box and don’t let it sit for a few days.

Here are some pictures of my favorite fall items. I wanted casual but fun. I feel like I can wear all of these items either around on the weekend or on date night or girls night!


If you want to give Stitch Fix a try go here. We would love comments on your review of Stitch Fix or if you decide to give it a try!

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