Self-Care Sunday Tips

Self-Care Sunday is now part of my weekly routine. As moms, we really need to get some “me-time” in and what better time than Sunday? Monday means we’re back at it, so what can you do to get yourself ready for the week ahead? Here are my tips for Self-Care Sunday.

#1 – Plan your week 
I am a visual person and while I use google calendar, iCal, notes, I still am old-fashioned and need it on paper. My {Erin Condren} planner is my catch-all for planning my week. I like to have a picture of what my week looks like. I also take the time to update our wall calendar.

#2 – Meal Plan
With two working parents and a busy child, meals have to be planned or we end up grabbing fast food or eating cereal way too much. Even if it is “frozen pizza”, “sandwiches”, or “take-out” I plan it out. I’m a big fan of quick, easy, yet healthy-ish meals on the week nights. Dinners are so stressful, having something planned takes some of that away.

#3 – Prep lunches
Eating out can get expensive, so I like to prep a few lunches to make my mornings easier. I’m not big on planning the whole week out  but putting a few things together for those first few days set the tone for my week.

#4 – Do some pampering
Sundays are my face mask days. Nothing like washing off the face mask and feeling fresh, clean skin. Give your body a scrub, paint your nails, grab a coffee, anything to give yourself a little pick me up.

#5 -Relax
Whether it is catching up on TV shows, reading a book, taking a nap, or having a glass of wine, try to carve some time out to relax. Your week and most likely your weekend was hectic, you need to set aside this time for you.

#6 – Make something easy for dinner
I used to try to cook a big dinner on Sunday as it was the only day I have the time. But I quickly realized I didn’t want to be in the kitchen for hours on Sunday. I started making “big” but easy meals. Something that can be used for leftovers the next day so you don’t have to worry about Monday lunch or dinner. I tend to go to comfort food like a big pot of soup. And the smell of it simmering on the stove in the afternoon – Yum.

What are your self-care tips? Let us know how you’re taking care of yourself in the comments.



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