A Kids Halloween Birthday

Last year we started a tradition. Our kids (Blake and Adelyn) are only a week apart and they are besties (which is how we became such good friends, thanks kids!!) and they were begging for a birthday party so we decided to do the economical thing and have a joint birthday party. We would have invited the same kids anyways if we had individual parties, so why not do one party and split the cost? WIN WIN FOR ALL. The kids had such a great time last year and it was so easy that this year we decided to do it again.

We decided to have the party at the Crystal Lake Gymnastic Center (same place as last year). We highly recommend not having large parties (we invited their whole class- so 20 kids) at your house. Way too much cleaning and prepping. The kids get to play for an hour in the gym without anyone else in there (CLGC provides two employees to watch and help the kids, and parents are welcome to come play with the kids). After playtime the kids gather in the room for cake and snacks and then everyone goes home. Easy cleanup! Plus, CLGC provides every kid at the party with a free voucher to come back for an open gym time.

Since the only weekend we could find to work for the party was the weekend before Halloween we decided to have a Halloween themed birthday party. The kids were allowed to dress up and come in their costume if they wanted.


For goodie bags (are we the only ones who dread having to make these!!) we decided to keep it simple and things that the kids might actually want and not throw away within ten seconds. We got orange bags with candy corn ribbon and inside the bags were: cups, silly straws, pencil, stickers, glow in the dark fangs, spider ring and candy. The kids loved the fangs the most!!

For decorations, again simple was the name of the game. Since the kids weren’t going to be in the room long and we didn’t want to get crazy and have to deal with where we could put things, we just set up the tables and grabbed some balloons.

The party was from 2-4pm so we didn’t do a meal, instead we gave the kids Goldfish, Pirates Booty and cheesesticks. Then we had juice and water. We love pre-portioned food because there is no fighting and everyone gets the same amount. This made it really easy in the chaos of hungry kids to get the kids settled and eating.

The original plan was just to do cupcakes (again if you haven’t noticed our theme is EASY) but then luckily Adelyn insisted on a cake as well and Wendy was able to get the cutest cake ever (the images from the invite were on the cake)!!! Plus it tasted amazing. WOOHOO.


Overall, we were so happy with how everything turned out and the best part, it was beyond easy to put together (which can I get an amen!!).



Party Sources:

Invite: Created for free using Canva

Graphics on Invite: Etsy shop Cutesiness

Paper Plates, Napkins, Goody Bag Items: Wal-Mart

Balloons: Dollar Tree

Cake: LadyBug Cakes

Cupcakes: Jewel

Cupcake Toppers: Etsy shop Fairfable


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