MyBAB Gift Guide for under $25


Today we are showcasing gifts that are all under $25. You can gift these to friends, co-workers, neighbors and teachers.

  1. Cute Wine Glasses: Everyone knows our love for wine, and cute wine glasses make drinking wine that much more enjoyable.
  2. Coffee Mugs: We clearly enjoy gifts that hold beverages. Plus, we can’t resist a monogram. These personalized mugs are a steal from William Sonoma.
  3. Candles: We love a good smelling candle. During this time of year one is always lit at our house. Makes any house cozy during the holidays.
  4. Bath Bombs: Let’s be real, as working Mom’s we never stop and take time to enjoy a relaxing bath. But, if we got these super fun bath bombs, we just might!
  5. Starbucks Gift Card: Yes, it seems cliche but 90% of the country enjoys Starbucks and you can order and send these gift cards online. So for those of you who wait to shop on Christmas Eve, this gift is for you.
  6. Fringe Scarf: This adds a pop to any outfit and is super easy to style since it is an infinity scarf. Girls will love receiving this gift.

Happy Shopping!!

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