Friday Favorites


Hello Friday! We are so happy to see you. We’re linking up with Andrea to share our favorite things…

Jen’s Favorites

Ok, first up, I am obsessed with these Fiber One Lemon Bars. I could eat an entire box in one sitting. My favorite dessert is a lemon cake my Mom makes so this shouldn’t be a surprise. And at only 90 calories, you can totally eat a whole box. I have found these at Target, Wal-Mart and any grocery store I am at.


Next up, because what is a post of ours without some mention of wine. Wendy and I love us some Cooper’s Hawk. The food is delicious but so is the wine. We are wine club members and my go to for a good glass of white wine that almost everyone likes is the Cooper’s Hawk White.


Wen’s Favorites

I’ve been a bit stir crazy with being home on medical leave, but have found myself watching Netflix or Amazon, reading books, or listening to podcasts. My new podcast: Missing Richard Simmons. I had forgot all about this “case” — in 2014, Simmons uncharacteristically disappered from the public eye with little explanation, and shut himself off in his Los Angeles mansion. I am intrigued how this podcast will play out.

As a working mom who is on the go often, I am a big fan of Peapod. Groceries delivered right to my door – sign me up! I already do most of my shopping online, might as well shop for groceries too! The selection, prices and meal kits are great and bonus -there are coupons and delivery savings often. I’m so grateful for conveniences like these.

MyBAB favorite photo 

All we want is one nice photo of our three kids. This is as good as it gets.

MyBAB favorite meme

It just always works that way, doesn’t it?

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