Jen’s Birthday Wish List

With my birthday coming around the corner (July 3rd for anyone looking to get me something!) I thought I would share with you some of the items on my wish list.

This first one may seem a little strange for a birthday present but I just have not had the time to really clean my house (I mean it is tidy and respectable but dang its dusty!) and so I told my husband that for my birthday I want a cleaning service to come deep clean the house. He was like “that is what you want? that isn’t really a present” and while I would love to think I am a working Mom who always has her act together the fact is I don’t have time to scrub the toilets and that is stuff that just needs to get done! Wen has a great cleaning she recommends so hopefully this is something that will actually happen!!

Workout clothes. I am trying to be better about working out more regularly but also I work from my home four days a week so I want to wear comfy clothes while at home but still look somewhat cute for running errands and picking up the kids etc. I really like Old Navy for active wear because it isn’t expensive and holds together nicely.

ON shortsON shirtON sports bra







Shorts / Tank / Sports Bra

I have been on the hunt for some cute tops that I can wear to work or on a night out with friends. The Loft is usually a hit or miss for me depending on the season, but right now I am finding a lot of cute things. Some (or maybe all) of these items might have been ordered after a few glasses of wine 🙂

loft tie tankloft sweaterloft floral

Striped Tie Tank / Summer Sweater / Floral Top

I have been seeing Barrington Bags all over on my favorite bloggers sites. It seems like the perfect tote to carry not only all of my stuff but the kids stuff as well. Not to mention it can double as a pool bag. The best part is you can totally customize your bag, you choose the pattern, leather trim and if you want a monogram (who doesn’t love a good monogram?) Below is one that I designed on their site just to give you an idea of how you can customize.

barrington bag

I have been wanting to try getting some fun earrings, I am not typically a fun earring kind of girl. I know the big trend are fun and bright tassel earrings so I found these beauties on Nordstrom’s site and thought they would work great for the summer or even the wedding I get to attend in Hawaii in August!

nordstrom earrings

I would love to know any of your favorites or if you have any of these items so please comment on the blog or our Instagram account!!