Ok, it is now my turn to share my goals for 2018. I am hoping by writing them down and sharing out in the virtual atmosphere I will be more accountable. Heck, maybe I will even have goal check in posts!

  1. The first goal is really to spend more time on this piece of the world wide web that Wendy and I share with you. I will admit that most of the heavy lifting of this blog comes from Wendy. My goal is to try and get more fun IG content and posts and make it more interactive and fun!!
  2. Exercise… isn’t this a goal that all of us have every year. This year I wanted to do something different. I work full time, have two kids and the list goes on and on and I feel like I never have time to dedicate to exercise. I get frustrated when I “fall off the exercise wagon” and struggle to get back on. I will also admit that I already wake up at 5:30 am (yep, Wendy you read that right!!) so getting up earlier ain’t happening. I also like my sleep since I don’t drink coffee so staying up late to workout also ain’t happening!! I saw an ad on IG for this app called “7 Minute Workout Challenge” and I thought, I can squeeze 7 minutes into my day. It is the only app I have ever paid for and let me tell you I am kind of addicted now. I have done it 26 days straight– yep you read that correctly and am already starting to see results. I have never stayed committed to an exercise routine that long, ever!! None of the exercises are complex (think: jumping jacks, push ups, etc) but they do enough to boost my exercise confidence and I actually look forward to it everyday. I now find myself wanting to do more than one cycle and keep going. Swimsuit season is just around the corner so this is great motivation!! And no, this is not a paid or sponsored portion of our post this is truly just me finding something and loving it!
  3. Quality time with my husband. I feel like every year I say this and every year it continues to be true. Often times after work, the kids, the house, and doing dumb grown up things (i.e. pay bills) we barely can keep our eyes open let alone spend quality time together. I want to try and make a big effort to get more date nights
  4. Less is More. The day after Christmas we went through a massive purge of toys and stuff to donate to Goodwill. My goal for 2018 is to be more mindful of what we bring into our house and teach the kids more about how you don’t “need” as much.
  5. Monthly Me Time. I always put everyone else first and it is my goal to do things alone, just me to get some breathing room. Fingers crossed I can make this happen!


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