Sippin with Moms


We are back with our new series (you can check out our first post here) and this month we are featuring one of our favorite Moms.

Beth Repta


(let’s not even get started on how gorgeous she looks in this picture!)

  • How many kids do you have and what are their ages?

    • 2 Kids – Ava age 8 & Mason age 6
    • MYBAB Comments: We became friends with Beth through our kids being at school together and we are so grateful for that
  • What is your 9 to 5?

    • My 24/7 is Founder of Repta Realty Group w/Keller Williams
    • MYBAB Comments: We don’t think we have seen a harder working Mom out there, she is awesome at what she does, so those of you in the market to buy or sell, definitely check her out. It is so refreshing to meet people who love what they do and Beth definitely is one of those people. 
  • Describe motherhood in three words

    • Rewarding. Exhausting. Exhausting.
    • MYBAB Comments: Agree, Agree, Agree
  • Picture this – you’re home alone, what series are you binge watching?

    • Ozarks
    • MYBAB Comments: Jen here, is this a show I need to start binging?
  • Speaking of TV, which TV/movie mom do you relate to the most?

    • Peg Bundy
  • We love discovering new beauty products, which are your favorites?

    • Monat for my Hair, I LOVE Makeup Forever Foundation, Nars Eye Shadows, Dior Show for Mascara, Rodan & Fields for all things skincare, St Tropez for Sunless Tanning, I could go on and on….
    • MYBAB Comments: We also could go on and on about our favorite products, check out our favorites here
  • Where is your happy place?

    • Simple -A Beach with a Rumrunner
    • MYBAB Comments: A rumrunner sounds amazing right now
  • What is your most loved item in your closet right now?

    • When I mom – It’s my Green Utility Vest & Adidas and when I’m not momming – Gucci Bag & Knee High Suede Boots
    • MYBAB Comments: Jen here again, I can attest that every time I see Beth in the green utility vest I am jealous and want it for myself
  • What is your drink of choice?

    • Pinot Noir
  • We know mom time is precious, what do you like to do when you have some me time?

    • What is this “Me Time” you speak of??
  • Money is no object, what is one thing you want?

    • A house overlooking the Gulf of Mexico
    • MYBAB Comments: Please let us come visit
  • Since we focus on Chicagoland – kids activities, family fun, and date nights, what are your go-to places for each?

    • For the kids – Tubing at Wilmot Mountain or Pinstripes, Three Oaks Rec Beach is our family spot, & dates for us would be a Cubs game or dinner in the city.


To learn more about Beth and all of her fun adventures or if you are interested in Monat or real estate, you can find her here on Facebook.

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