What we are Amazon Priming


We’re continuing the fun little series of What we are Amazon Priming today.

Last month, Jen shared her buys and I am sharing today. We got this idea from Erika from A Little Bit of Everything, swing by her blog to see what she bought too!

VAVA phone mount 

phone mount


I have had one of these in my car for a few years, because I don’t have a good spot for my phone. The rubber was peeling off of the one I had and scratching my vent, so I needed a new one before our road trip. The magnet is strong and has been working well with my iPhone 8 Plus.


Hair Chalk

hair chalk

My little had a crazy hair day for spirit day at school and she insisted on hair color. I didn’t want spray colors, and I liked that these worked on wet and dry hair. {my little went swimming that same night and it didn’t all come out, so they held the color}




We’re big La Croix drinkers and Jen’s brother suggested we give bubly a try. I saw this variety flavor 18-pack on amazon with a $2 coupon so I hit add to cart. Couldn’t pass up $8.99.



mad libs

mad libsWe have a few road trips planned over the next few months and these take me back to my childhood. I wanted to find some car activities that were not screen related and how fun are mad libs! The Jr version is great for the young ones – instead of having the type of word needed under the blank lines like (noun), (verb) etc…it has symbols. Then your child can pick from the symbol list of suggested words {some potty talk} to complete the sentence. I picked up a few one for each leg of the trips.


Field cones

conesMy daughter is quite the little soccer player. Her coach suggested we pick up some of these cones to help her work on done drills at home. As soon as they arrived, she set the up and practiced for about 45 minutes. I like these have a black handle for easy carry and storage.

The Hate U Give


I was invited to join a book club and for April we read this book. It was funny, sad, and very well written and I’d highly recommend! The book has rave reviews and I found it lived up to the hype. It has an educational side, was thought provoking, and left the door open for dialogue which made it perfect for a book club of women drinking wine!



So there ya have it, what I have been priming in the last month. If you have any good Amazon finds please comment and share them with us!


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