Reading with Bookroo

Here is a sad Mom confession for me: my kids do not like reading. I, on the other hand am obsessed, like if I could read all day everyday I would be in heaven. To my kids, it is like a form of torture (I blame this on their father, haha!). I have been trying for a long time to get them more engaged in reading, especially my son who will be in first grade in the fall. When Bookroo reached out to Wen and I and asked if we wanted to try their service, I literally jumped at the chance. Anything to engage my kids in reading the better.

Bookroo is like Birchbox for books. It is a monthly subscription service and you pick the age group you want a box for and then magically they are delivered to your doorstep. They have board books for ages 0-3, picture books for ages 2-6 (which I ordered) and then chapter books for ages 7-10. Bookroo prides itself on having books that you most likely don’t already have in your library collection so that it creates fun every month.

I picked the picture books for ages 2-6 because I have a 4 and 6 year old and thought I would have the best chance to engage them with picture books.

Lets discuss when I first got the box, it was super cute in the box it was delivered in. That immediately got me excited.


When I opened the box the books were wrapped so pretty it was kind of like Christmas morning. I knew that this fact alone was guaranteed to make my kids excited because, lets be real they LOVE to open presents.


I let my daughter open the books because she was home from camp because she wasn’t feeling well and I thought this would help cheer her up. Oh boy was I right. She loved opening the books and quickly claimed they were hers and wanted to immediately read them. #momwin


This is her “reading face”


We got two books in the box. Wally Does Not Want a Haircut is about a sheep who is afraid to get a haircut. It was cute and Brooke’s favorite. The other book was The Red Boat about a girl who was scared about moving to a new place and meeting new friends and how her Red Boat helped her adjust. I highly recommend this book for kids who are transitioning to something new.


Some other great benefits of Bookroo include:

  • The books are reviewed by a panel of families attending Stanford University
  • The company is women founded and run, by three sisters-in-law (we love supporting women businesses!!)
  • Picture books come with 2 hardcover books. Board book boxes have 3 books and Chapter books have 2 books.
  • If you have kids across age ranges (lets say you want picture books and chapter books) you can customize it so that every other month one box comes. For example: July would be picture books and August would be chapter books. Or, just order two boxes!!

Bookroo has a special deal for all MyBAB readers and right now you can get 50% off the first month of any board or picture book box or 40% off the first month of any chapter book box with the code: JENWEN773

Getting kids to stay engaged in reading during the summer is always a struggle so any ways to make it easier and more fun we are all for.

Thank you so much to Bookroo for providing us a box. All reviews and opinions are our own.


6 thoughts on “Reading with Bookroo

  1. Ashlee Lackovic says:

    What kid doesn’t love getting presents in the mail?! What a neat idea! My daughter is 8 and is really into reading … my son who’s 5 is super busy and won’t sit still but I wonder if this would help! Thanks for the suggestions!!


  2. Melissa says:

    This is so cool! I am so happy to hear about a Stitch Fix for children’s books – would have saved my parents a ton of trips to the bookstore/library when I was a kid! 🙂


  3. Diana Tidswell says:

    This is such a great company where they love us to read books especially our kids. And with the promo they have, it is a good deal for us.


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