Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Guys


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we thought we would put together a guide of great gifts for the special guy in your life.

valentine'sgift guide


My husband loves watches. Like, he loves, loves watches. I think it is his way of being able dress up or down his outfits and feel put together. He has a whole collection of watches and is always wanting more (basically his version of girls and their shoes/purses!). I am always hesitant to get him a watch because he is really particular and hard to please. Luckily, I hit a home run this year. I got him a Jord watch and he wears it ALL.THE.TIME. I made him come out in the snow in freezing temperatures to model for me how nice this watch is.

For those that aren’t familiar with Jord, they are excellent quality wooden watches. Some of the awesome benefits of Jord watches are:

  • Most watch backplates are able to be engraved (perfect for a sweet message on Valentine’s Day)
  • They have automatic styles which was a must have for my husband
  • The watch can be sized for the person which makes for better fit and comfort
  • The box that the watch comes in is a beautiful wooden box. My husband actually keeps it on our dresser and it looks like part of the decor
  • They have a one year warranty
  • For the fitness guys they even have Apple watch bands
  • FREE SHIPPING. Because lets be real, its 2019 you shouldn’t pay for shipping

And because Jord is so awesome they are letting our readers enter a contest for a $100 gift code to spend toward any watch in their collection. Enter HERE.

Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker is perfect for parties, BBQ’s, bringing to the beach (it is waterproof!), in the garage and can easily pack for vacation. This speaker on Amazon is rated 4.5 stars has over 31,000 reviews!!!


Sharing a nice bottle of red wine just screams Valentine’s Day. You can’t go wrong with one of our absolute favorite red wine, Caymus. Make a fire and get cozy watching a movie with a glass of wine and have a low key Valentine’s Day.

Workout Gear

If you want your guy to look good while working out or just running errands and going from one kids activity to another, we highly recommend getting “cute” gear for them. Old Navy has a great line of athletic wear and my husband has several things from them and loves them all.

I got an ON sweatshirt for my husband for Christmas and he has worn it on repeat ever since. The best part- the price won’t break the bank. Sweatshirt

My husband really likes these ON tshirts when he is working out to help wick away his sweat. Tshirt


Our family swears by Yeti brand products. I have taken my Yeti tumbler filled with ice water and left it in my SUV in 90 degree heat for hours and when I come back, the thing still has ice cubes in my cup. These are great for the beach, pool, on the go. They are worth every penny. We use them Tumbler

My parents splurged and bought a Yeti cooler. I thought they were crazy at first but when I watched that cooler keep drinks and food cold for DAYS I was sold. If you want to get a quality gift that will benefit the family for years to come, I recommend the cooler. Cooler


Thank you to JORD for helping sponsor this post by providing the watch and allowing us to review their products.

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