Stay In and Binge


As we’re revitalizing the blog, we were brainstorming posts for the next month. Then the polar votex happened and we were

As working moms, we were also trying to get some work done, in our pj’s with our kids, being loud as ever, but that meant plenty of time binge watching shows on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.

And while we may not have anymore days where we’re stuck inside due to the cold and snow, but, we do live in Chicagoland, so anything is possible, we did put together a list of binge worthy shows, for you and the kids, and we’re sure you’ll find a show or two you’ll get through in no time.

when you want fun and mindless

Grace & Frankie {Netflix}

Wen’s husband thinks this show has horrible acting, but we want the beach house Grace & Frankie live in.

Younger {Hulu}

Once you get past the lying about your age aspect, the show has drama, laughs, and oh the eye-candy!

when you’re looking for something based on a book

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce {Netflix}

A comedy-drama series based on a book series, is a show about girl power, sex, and drama. It’s not Sex and the City, but is worth the watch for fun.


Big Little Lies {HBO}

Season 2 is coming soon, so stop what you are doing and find a hook up to watch this on HBO. The cast, the acting, the storyline, the views, the soundtrack, all of it is A-MAZING.

when you need a good cry

Parenthood {Netflix} 

An oldie but a goodie, as the Braverman siblings juggle parenthood, relationships, careers and all of life’s ups and downs.

This Is Us {Hulu}

We are still obsessed with this show and from our Facebook feed, many of our friends are too. The flashbacks are a trip down memory lane (for Wen) and nearly every episodes we have a good ugly cry.

when want something thrill-ish or true-crime-ish

YOU {Netlix} 

Definitely worth the hype, but also has you double checking your privacy settings on social media and keeping the curtains closed.

Ozark {Netflix} 

Season 2 was released late summer, so you’ll catch up in no time. This show has it all – crime, marriage woes, teenage drama, and several plot twists.

what our kids are watching 

Just Add Magic {Amazon} 

Wen’s seven-year old daughter is a fan of this Amazon series for kids that is aimed at ages 6-11. Loosely based on a book, there is magic and mystery, while also showing the importance of teamwork and friendship.
The Kicks {Amazon}
Also based on a book series, co-authored by real-life soccer player Alex Morgan, this show is a hit for Wen’s little soccer player.
Lost in Oz {Amazon}
This animated series has won an Emmy, and as fans of The Wizard of Oz, this modern-day show is something we can watch together.
Fuller House {Netflix}
We have loved introducing our kids to Fuller House as Full House was a big part of our childhood.

when you want to watch something with the whole family 

The Masked Singer {Hulu, OnDemand}

Currently in its first season, this has been a show for the whole family. While the littles don’t have guesses, they’re loving the costumes, songs, and looking for clues.
Top Chef Junior {Hulu}
These Top Chef’s really know their way around the kitchen. We’re all impressed with the dishes these kids come up with, but more importantly, how nice Chef Gordon Ramsey is!

which TV series we love to watch {Netflix, Hulu}

If you’re in need of a quick laugh, something to pass the time, we love watching Friends, The Office, and The Good Place.

did we leave any binge-worthy shows off this list?



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