My Bubbles and Bubbly started as an idea between two Mom’s who were constantly texting each other to come up with ideas of things to do with the kids. After spending a ton of time online researching what was going on in the local area, they decided to create their own site that combined all of their knowledge into one fun and easy place.

Jenny and her family live in Crystal Lake, IL with her husband, Louis and two kids, Blake (4) and Brooke (2).


Wendy and her family also live in Crystal Lake, IL with her husband Ryon and daughter, Adelyn (4).

Wen Family

The website name is a combination of our names (MY is for our last names) and Bubbles and Bubbly are for our kids (BAB). Plus what kid doesn’t love bubbles and what adult doesn’t love a little bubbly!

MyBAB is looking to collaborate with brands, restaurants, and events that are looking for real moms to test out their products and write honest reviews. We love to try new products and places (both for our kids and ourselves) and look forward to working with you. See our Contact page on how we can work together.